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April 28, 2015

shemale milf threesome

I just had to show everyone this video as three sexy amateur transsexuals get together for some rocking hardcore bareback sex. I would love to be any one of these girls in this video as they all get their cock’s sucks and their asses fucked hard. Then they decide to share some hot sticky cum. This is from one of the movies over at Pure TS which is a fun site featuring the popular male talent Christian. That guy has got a huge cock and he loves to fuck raw as much as he can. These three girls Shavonna, Sasha and Robbi might be a little older but they are still sexy and craving for hard cock.

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April 26, 2015

Jamie Frech Shemale
Jamie French is a very sexy shemale that I think just might fit nicely for this site. She might be considered a pro shemale to some but she runs her own site, does her own thing and has many sexy girls come over to play. You can tell the site is a work of joy for her and a good way to get some hot cock as well. She is submissive by nature and does it all from foot fetish play domination, Cosplay, lesbian fun and of course sucking and taking a lot of cock.

I recently did a new review for her site over at and think it would really turn on a lot of visitors here. She has got a great look to her and like I said she has few limits inside the bedroom. The site is rather cheap price to join so I say check it out and enjoy what it has to offer. You are sure to want to see more of this babe and by the way the review has a video montage and several images to enjoy, so check it out!

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March 18, 2015

amateur ladyboys
Another site that might interest the fans of Hot Amateur Shemales is a new adult site called Amateur Ladyboys. It focuses on the sexy Asian Transsexuals mostly in Thailand. It is a little different from your typical ladyboy site is it features more on what actually happens. Sex with foreign customers, stroking in their rooms, blowjobs in public and so much more. I really like this site and though it might be a little off then what I normally post here it is still fun to watch. I sure wish I looked like some of these Asian Ladyboys; many of them are just so passable it is crazy.

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November 24, 2014

Delia TS Shemale

We can never forget the lovely Delia and her place on Hot Amateur Tgirls. She has really upgraded to more of a Pornstar status as she started as just a crossdresser chick in the old days to a full on tranny Pornstars these days. She has an amazing website filled with her hot cock and also her story of transition which makes for an interesting read with some porn on the side or in the forefront. She has got a very big cock that she loves to use with guys, girls and yes other tgirls are often jumping into the scene for some action.

She is in a lovely setting her in this set out by the waterfall, just stroking that huge cock and enjoying the lovely nature. The outdoors always gets her in the mood for anything horny and you can see by the hardness of her cock just what she is looking for!

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November 15, 2014

Joanna Jet Shemale

Joanna Jet probably should not be considered amateur but I thought she deserved another post over here at Hot Amateur Shemales. What I like about her is she is really slutty and uses that big cock with no issues at all. She loves to be hard and she loves to fuck you silly. You could be a sissy, a dude, a girl and even other tranny babes are not safe from Joanna and her big English Cock. I just recently got another review of her site in which there is over 20 images, 10 screen shots and a juicy video montage featuring some of her content from her site. Her actually site now has over 370 videos and over 800 photos sets, just amazing. This girl does not slow down and when you see her big sticky cumshot blast all over you, well you will be hooked on Joanna for life.

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October 5, 2014

sissy shemale sex

Zoe Fuck Puppet probably one of the biggest sluts around and she has the cock to back her up. Together with Karla in this hot video she gets her girl dick sucked hard before getting on her knees for some sweet fucking action. Karla just loves to fuck Zoe and Zoe can feel her all day long going in and out of her girl ass, even in her dreams. Dressed like a slut as usual Zoe always puts on a great show, well it is not even a show, she is just being herself, a total cock loving slut that will gladly take girls, guys and of course other transsexuals, even better if you through them all together for some hot orgy action she is on board. The more cum all over her face the better and she will return the favor in spades.

Zoe has been a favorite of mine for a long time, she is just so trashy and she is proud of it which makes me like her even more. I do love the girls that are just totally into being a whore and Zoe has got some of the best outfits I have ever seen in my life, she is just built for sex and built for fun.

zoe shemale video

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