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July 29, 2007

Delia CD GirdleDelia CD is back once again in her sweet white girdle and stockings.  I could spot those long sexy legs anywhere when it comes to this lovely girl.  She is being very naughty tonight and you are not going to find a pair of cute panties under that girdle tonight.  She is just teasing you while she bends over and her hot cock hangs between her legs.  Delia CD is such a sexy amateur tgirl.  I would love to be able to do a full movie with her.  Though I am not sure if her girlfriend would mind.  Do you like those stockings?  I think the purple color looks pretty sweet on Delia.

Here are a few photos from her brand new set inside her sexy site.  White stockings this time and a hot little green mini skirt.  Delia has a pretty sweet tight ass and in combination with those long legs makes me hard in my own panties.  Wouldn’t you just love to get on your knees in from of those legs open then wide open and see what is waiting for you between those thighs? 

Well you can do just that by checking out her site.  She is great and loves to talk on cam and do shows for her members.  Combined with a number of hot videos where she is stroking that big cock of hers you are going to have a lot of fun.  Did I mention that this girl can really give a big cumshot?  It must be the sweet feel of satin or silk panties that gets her so very excited.  Have fun with Delia CD.

Delia CD Hot Body Delia's Great Ass

Delia Loves admirers and other girls just like her.  I know you are like me and want to see those legs opened!

Delia Spread those legs

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July 25, 2007

Nikki TSTonight I want to introduce you to a true sissy ladyboy named Nikki TS.  She is my first ladyboy on the site and she really qualifies as a very nasty girl and I just love her.  First off she has a hot lingerie fetish.  Her fishnets and panties are so sexy that I plan to ask her where she gets those sexy stockings.  Nikki TS also has a hot little body consisting of a hot pair of tits, a great ass and Asian cock that is going to make you want to come back for more and more.  She is one of the only amateur ladyboys that I know that has a personal website and it’s a lot of fun inside.

She just recently came back from Brazil.  She thought she go down and samples some Brazilian shemales for her first time.  She had never been with a shemale until she went down and by the looks of the movies and photos she really had a great time.  What really makes Nikki TS an amateur cumslut is what she will do for her members.  She is super sexy, sweet but very bad.

Videos – She has some amazing content where she gets some wicked cum facials, bareback sex, crossdress sex and her man even cums in her ass.  This girl will do anything including something I haven’t tried yet, which is watersports.

You can chat with her on cam and yahoo and she always updates her journal on what she is doing for the day.  If you are a member you can even star in a movie or photo shoot with her.  That’s right she will fuck her members, now you can get much nastier then that.

Here is a photo of a pair of those fishnets that I love so much.  Nikki TS has got a pair of beautiful legs.

Nikki TS Fun

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July 22, 2007

Lesbian Crossdressing

Lesbian Crossdressing is what do we have today; it looks like a sweet Asian crossdresser named Ella.  She is one of Zoe Fuck Puppets girlfriends and by the looks of that kiss lipstick on her shoulder Zoe is looking to play with her sweet ass.  In the video they are both wearing the same pair of thigh high white stockings which I just love.  Ella is playing the submissive role today.  Looking up at Zoe with her big eyes and swallowing her hard cock.  Zoe however has to get a taste of Ella’s cock as well, how could she resist pulling down those panties and getting a sweet taste.

It doesn’t take Ella long to spread her cute behind wide open to site on Zoe’s throbbing cock though.  To me nothing is hotter then two Crossdressing girls fucking each other.  Kissing each other’s lips, exploring what is inside each other’s panties and feeling that hard piece of love slip deep into their ass.  Don’t worry guys I still like to have you as well and so does Zoe but what is hotter then Lesbian Crossdressers I can’t think of a single thing.  Have fun everyone!

Here is another shot of a new gallery where they are having some fun in the bathroom. Zoe gives a hot little blowjob.  I am pretty sure this is Ella too but that little mask makes it a little hard to tell.

Lesbian Crossdressing

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July 18, 2007

Sissy Maid ZoeI can’t show you a photo of the video because they are all hardcore. I keep my site softcore but link to all the good stuff.  So click on sexy cum slut Zoe and check out one of my favorite movies.  She gets on her knees in her pink sissy maid outfit and sucks the cum right out of some lucky guy.  OF course she spreads those sissy legs wide open as well to feel his hard cock penetrate her tight pussy.  I love the shot of the guy pushed right into her ass and he has got both hands on her ankles keeping her in place.  What I wouldn’t do to be in Zoe’s high heels for a day.

Going to make this post a little short today.  It’s really late and I have to get to bed.  Big day on the day job tomorrow and have to get up early.  I wish I was working as a cum slut video girl like Zoe but unfortunately I am not so lucky.  At least not yet, if things go as planned I hope to get something started very soon.  I would love to have a site like Zoe’s.  She looks like she has so much naughty fun.  Having sex with other amateur transsexuals, sissy loving guys and even hot girls.  Have Fun everyone!

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July 16, 2007

Jamie CoxxI found a new amateur tgirlJamie Coxx is her name and she is really sexy.  You might have seen her before but I just had to join her site and see what its all about.  I kind of like the Goth look in girls so put a cock under that skirt and you got Jamie. She isn’t total Goth but she does have that look to her doesn’t she.  She has lots of hot little outfits where she plays the Goth star, latex whore, schoolgirl, secretary and so much more.   She also seems to have an incredible ass as you can see by this photo.  Looks great in that black thong girl.  I love to have that beautiful behind waiting for me on hands and knees.

Jamie Coxx also has a lot of videos on her site as well.  You will just fall in love with her cock.  Shaved and cut and looks very dangerous between her long legs.  Most of her movies she strokes that sexy shecock and she has some amazing cumshots that are sure to get your senses going.  She even fucks her girlfriend in some videos as well.  Her girlfriend is a sexy little Goth girl that I would be happy to have in my bed as well.  I am such a little slut I just can’t help it.  Enjoy Jamie Coxx and tell me what you think of her.  Take Care my Sisters and Admirers!

Jamie Coxx Spread

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July 13, 2007

Zoe Fuck PuppetZoe Fuck Puppet is actually blonde in the movie set tonight but I really liked this photo of her from her new gallery that was just posted.  Today she is playing with her beautiful cock and then gets on her knees to suck one of her admirer’s cocks.  I love her little mole on her face, Cindy Crawford move over because sissy girl Zoe will blow you away with her sucking technique.  Well that might be true; I don’t know I think I would enjoy having either one of them between my legs.

She has a couple new movies where she gets the big black strap on from a sexy girl.  Of course she is always fucking other crossdressers and men and we can’t forget those solo scenes where she is just pulling out her sexy shecock and stroking for us in so many naughty outfits.  I like her pink sissy outfit the best but I can never pass up a pair of black gloves and garters with pantyhose.  Makes me hard in my panties just thinking about such a thing.  Wow I really went off the topic.  In any case Zoe Fuck Puppet is waiting for you to check her out.

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