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August 30, 2007

Crossdressing blowjobs

What does three hot amateur transvestite girls in the same room equal?  Well the answer happens to be a lot of cock sucking.  Zoe is experiencing one of my absolute favorite playtimes and that is to have fun with other crossdressing girls.  Zoe is looking so very sexy in that tight shiny dress and her hair and make up is just simply wicked.  Those red lips are just waiting to taste crossdresser cock and it makes me hard in my panties just thinking about it. In case you are not sure all three of these lovely ladies have a hard surprise under their skirts.  The best part inside is when they all stand up and they get nice in close to each other.  From there they grab all three cocks and rub them together. I swear I almost had an orgasm right then I saw that nasty photo.

Zoe is really looking good these days and with her increase in updates on her site really makes my time there much more entertaining.  She has got a brand new cock stroking video and a huge cumshot and she plays a lot with a very hard black cock.  Zoe is definitely the princess of the sissy girls in my personal horny opinion.  I just love her and wish one day I get a taste of what is under that dress.

Getting Hard

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August 27, 2007

SissySexy Renato is being a good sissy and dressing up in her hot little black lingerie. If you are anything like me you be doing something around the house in your boy clothes and all the sudden you get the urge to have something tight and lacy pressed up against your skin.  The feeling you get when the long hair flows over your eyes, the excitement and fun of applying some glistening lipstick and how your cock seems to feel right at home inside a pair of panties.  The thrills of pulling up a pair of pantyhose over your long legs and how hot you are becoming.  Perhaps it’s just me that gets those feelings but I am sure a few of you feel the same way or at least partly. 

If you are fan of seeing the whole transformation then CD Fun maybe a great choice for you.  From Sissy to sexy sissy girl slut is the focus on this particular gem on the Internet.  How Crossdressing lesbian scenes, solo masturbation and we can’t for get pleasing a hot guy by spreading our crossdressing pussy.  There has been many a night where I have grabbed a glass of wine, turned on some soothing music and just stroked all night in my sexy lingerie.  Its fun to see a site where the horny side of crossdressing takes flight. 

CD FUN has full movies, hot images and even a cool forum to talk about your feminine fantasies, fashion discussions, sex, relationships, and even a place where you can post your own crossdressing photos.

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August 24, 2007

 I wish I could show you a lot more of Zoe Fuck Puppet stroking her cock in this new content.  No gallery available yet but I thought I show you girls a little more of this sex starved sissy.  She recently has some amazing videos and galleries where she is sucking a big black cock and of course some cumshots.  I always fantasize about having a big black cock in my mouth.  Not sure why but I think it makes me an ultimate sissy when I am tasting salty black precum.  Zoe loves all kinds of cocks though from horny guys to her crossdressing girlfriends.  Zoe is a true fuck slut and if you are looking for a hot amateur tgirl that updates her site often and is always looking to spread her legs then come and check her out.

Zoe Fuck Puppet

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August 22, 2007

Luci MayLuci May is back for my fellow girls and admirer friends.  Sorry I haven’t been on lately but I was moving to a new apartment over the last few days.  I just hate moving, thankfully Luci May has cheered me up by being her usually naughty self.   Don’t you just love those thick legs of hers?  I just want them wrapped around my body as she takes a sweet cock out of her panties.  I love the amateur tgirls like Luci and someday I will have the guts to have my own site as well.  I am sure Luci would be up for a guest appearance on her site or mine.  She just loves to play with cock.  Could be a horny admirer or a lucky crossdressing lesbian slut looking to taste Luci May’s precum.  She is always up for some nasty and fun play.

Luci site is so much fun.  She is into all sorts of wicked roleplay.  Bondage, domination, lesbians, orgy parties and so much more.  She has many fetish desires and is always coming up with new ways to get herself off and of course get us excited as well.  She has something for everyone it seems.  Personally she could just be in a mini skirt and stroking her cock and I will be on cloud nine, however I do love the lesbian scenes the best.  I just love two crossdressing girls having a night of hardcore sex.

Drop by her site and at least take a look at the tour, more images and video previews to check out and enjoy.  Take Care all my sissy girls.

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August 16, 2007

CD FUN Videos


CD FUN videos time with a sexy sissy girl that is just about to make a call to be visited by her man. She just spent some time putting on a hot dress, panties, garters and hot black stockings to get her man rock hard when he walks into the room.  She has been dreaming of his sweet cock all day and now that she is home from work she can relax in her bedroom and then have some hot fun sucking his dick and having her ass penetrated deep while he pushes her head into the bed sheets. She really likes to be dominated in this one.  The guy is slapping around with his cock head and then keeping her in place while he fucks that tight Crossdressing pussy.

He wants to be a sissy slut and feels at home riding on top of her man.  Cock sticking out of the panties while she bounces up and down.  Finishing off the night with a sticky cum blast all over her lips as the salty jizz flows down.  She is a good sissy slut and has done her man proud.  Lets just hope that he is ready to fuck her all over again because once isn’t enough for this horny amateur girl.

This site is definitely unique.  Guys that dress up on film and turn themselves into sissy girls that love to stroke off, suck cock and get fucked.  Every girl deserves a hard cock so come and check out the CD FUN Videos.


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August 13, 2007

Delia CD 

 Delia CD

I was just about to go to bed but just found out that Delia CD has put out a new gallery for everyone to enjoy and I just couldn’t resist.  The post will be a little shorter because I am falling asleep as I type.  This is one of my favorite looks for Delia.  I just love her in blonde hair and that mesh shirt and pink mini skirt is so yummy.  Those sweet black hooker boots are amazing and I just have to remember to ask her where she got them.  I wish I could go down my stairs and see a sexy Crossdressing girl like Delia waiting for me.  Her bulge growing inside her panties as she sees my outfit and then we spend the night playing.  That kind of fantasy come true would certainly wake me up.

She has a brand new video where she is stroking that fine cock of hers and cumming all over her white stockings.  I just love it and there are a lot more movies where those came from, not to mention cam shows with this Crossdressing vixen.  Here is another shot of her in blonde.  I bet you didn’t even notice her hair color and can’t keep your eyes off that fine firm sissy ass.  Good Night and enjoy Delia CD!

Delia CD Sweet Ass

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