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September 13, 2007

Iniaki has a new movie and photo gallery on CD Fun.  I have always been a sucker for a redhead girl so a crossdressing redhead gets my panty juices flowing as well.  Not to mention a hot little white lingerie outfit with a pair of sexy fishnet stockings.  I love fishnet stockings, I think if there was a site just on fishnet stockings I would probably join.  I like CD Fun its all about making a guy a sissy and they do not disappoint.  I have even got a few make up tips from inside as well.  However the best part about the site is obviously when they are dressed up and stroking their sissy cocks or sucking a hard cock and even getting it up their naughty pussy.  I just love every part of feminization and I hope all my sisters out there are loving my site.

CD Fun

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  1. camby said:

    train me to be a sissy im yours for the taking

  2. james said:

    turn me into your sissy whore

  3. Tony said:

    Willing to be a shemale slave

  4. sissyboy said:

    I would love to blow Paul and kenny Love Kent.

  5. said:

    I would love to please you.

  6. mona said:

    hi i want to be a ladyboy please can you help me what can i do to turn in one?

  7. HollyGirl said:

    Well I am no pro on becoming a true lady because I am a crossdresser but here are some things you should know.

    1. Ladyboy – Is an asian transsexual, a term that they usually use in Thailand and surrounding areas, but it can be different like in Japan you would be called a newhalf
    2. Shemale – Usually a term used in the porn world, most transsexuals that live day to day would not enjoy being called that term
    3. To become a transsexual there are many things one can do. 1. Talk to other girls that are going through the procedure. 2. There are medical options such as hormones, and of course operations to give you more feminine features. There are so many things to do when it comes to becoming a girl. The emotional world and the physical world. Google and forums will help you for sure, but really your best bet is to talk to people that are going through it or have gone through it. Some people are luckier then others because they might already have feminine features that make the move much easier. Others may not be so lucky and are not as convincing at least when it comes to physical looks.

    Take note it can be a difficult process, first you will have those that are closed minded and will not understand what you are doing, family, friends, and strangers might have a hard time dealing with the new you, but like anything some will stay in your life, some will leave your life and you will also find new people that understand. Just be prepared that some people just fear what they don’t understand. Then there is the costs, the buying of medicines such as hormones and the price to purchase breasts, removing the adam’s apple and so forth. That is why you see so many girls in the escort industry. In my opinion it is harder for a tgirl to get a career, I am not saying that it can’t be done but many are closed minded enough to not hire a special girl. So to pay for operations and live day to day many of these girls begin to escort and then find themselves moving into movie careers and so forth. Some of them love the work, while others do it for the money.

    In my experiences with Tgirls I have noticed that eventually for many of them the operations become an obsession. Always trying to look more feminine, personally it seems dangerous to me and that is when you will find that tgirl that has one to many operations. I am sure you have seen it, a tgirl that you think is just beautiful goes out and changes her face, changes her breasts and so forth and then starts to look like a cartoon character, but like i said it is difficult because when you are transforming yourself into the girl you have always wanted to be. They see imperfections that others may not see.

    In any case I am babbling. Here is what you have in a nutshell
    1. Talk to people going through it- chat online to other tgirls, there is usually support groups in your city to talk
    2. Understand what medicines you will be using if you decide to go that route and be careful
    3. Operations can help give you that feminine look but be aware of the risks and of course the cost
    4. Understand that some people will not accept it while others will support you.
    5. Of course the clothes, the make up skills help too

    I don’t want to tell you how to run your life, but if you feel like you were always a girl inside then it might be the time to show that on the outside as well! Good Luck

  8. Jerrold aka bambi said:

    I need to be turned into a cock sucking sissy bitch

  9. Kent young said:

    I love to suck cocks I dream about paul and kenny as a tag team. If anyone wants a blowjob from a girly boy call me

  10. graham said:

    yes i to need some one to make me a sissy girl i would love to learn what it like to be a girl i have wore panties and bras for two years now and i like to wear my panties all the time last night joeline ask me over to her place i went over and she said to wak in wend i got there i did joeline was sitting on the couth joeline ask me if i was wearing my panties i said yes then let me see them i did what joeline ask i pull down my pant and show joeline my pink panties joeline said they look very nice on you i said thank you now that i saw you in them i what you to know if you are willing to to be my slave i said yes i would but i said you have to learn me everything a women do i just hope she will some day

  11. graham said:

    igraham would like to be someone sissy last night a girl at work ask me if i would help clean her house i said i would i went over there joeline let me in her place i ask her what she wanted me to do joeline ask me if i would wear a women apron i said yes she told me to take off me t shirt i did as iwas told joeline hand me and apron it did not look right on me she said i need something to wear udner it she went to the bebroom a brought out a bra joeline said put this on too i did then she hand me a pair of panties and i put them on ask her why she wanted me to wear all this if you are going to help clean house with me i want you to look like a cleaning women i said ok i allways want to dress as a women joeline said good you can now be my cleaning girl i said i would be happy to that day i clean her house dress as a girl after we were done ask joeline if i could take it off she said no you can the apron off put leave panties and bra on ask joeline why just panties bra on she said becuse now i what you get in a dress and you need them on i said ok just then joeline hand me a short dress and a blouse i put it on joeline look at me and said you lookgood inthat i said thank wend i finish dress joeline said that once a week i will come clean her house and dress as a girl i said yes joelinesaid now graham you are mine new sissy maid and you will do as you are told i said yes joelineim your sissy and i will do anything you ask me im here to please you and servcie you becuse now i know im know longer a man im now a sissygirl i must behave like one ask joeline that what she wanted from me she said yes i said ok i be your sissygirl slave and i will wear anything you want me to becuse that what i what to be someone sissy and love it this morning i went over there and start to clean her house she put a maid outfit on me and told me that i will be wearing that from now on after i clean joeline told me it time to get my toe nails done she paint them bright red i love them i must keep them like that all time i said yes i would that was two week now i become a good sissyhouse cleaner i just hope joeline hire me out

  12. graham said:

    well its been awle im been working out now as a sissy maid joeline hire me out two lesbien girl to clean their house and two gay male the two lesbien show me how to be a girl they dress me up a there school girl and then they show me how to turn a man on they made me suck their dido and strap-on cock they told me all good sissy like cocki work for them clean cook and been their slave last night one said your breast have grow a little yes i said i dont know why they told me its the pill they give me you know you have to have nice breastfor us and are male gay friend now tell us do feel like a girl i said yes dos are sissy girl need a cock now i said yes mistress iwould please to suck your strap-on cock good girl we know that you want but frist tell us who you are i said i graham is now a sissy girl and slave to all lesbien girls and gay male now come sissy and suck my friend cock i got down on my kness abd start to scuck his cock he said you girl did a good job now sissy you like cock i said yes sir welli got to go now i must get to work have to drive my cab now their two lady to the mall and yes so you all know i have to wear bra panties at work ilook after lady and male some know im a sissy and some dont the ones that know tell there friend and they call for my cabthey know i wont tell anyboby what we talk about sand in the cab talk to all later

  13. graham said:

    yes i told my ladyfriend that she can make me her sissy girl at home well she told me good now i dont have to ask you to become a girl you save me a lots of time now you will only wear women clothes at home foe now but you will wear panties bra all the time you will keep your nail posish andtoe nails pink you will take these pills that helpmake your breast grownow my girl what do you think of it now i said yes master im your sissy girl i will do anything for you pleaseshow me the way i want to be a good girl ok then first thing is show me how you suck cock just then she show me a 9in starp-on cock i got on my kness and suck her dido cock she said good girl now take it in your mouth suck it slow get it all wet i did as told you suck cock like you love it i said yes well that been four month now i no longer work outside of the house i become a full time house wife

  14. graham said:

    its been a year now i have a b-cup bra my breast have grow out and i wear a dress that show my breasts a little i love that way i turn out as a sissy girl i now worl out of the house as a full time maid for other ladys and few males last night i what and clean for a lady she ask me are you a sisy male i said yes why i ask becuse you look like one how could you tell becuse your face has hair on thier but i will fix that for you come with me girl and i will fix you up i did as told she told me to undress i toke my dress off now i was standing in my bra and pantiess she did my face up i was about to get dress and she stop me no you leave that dress a lone i have some thing you can wear she hand me a lace pink bra panties blue short dress and black v blouse thhere she said you now look more as a sissy girl then she are with anyone now i said now not now why be use i need some one to clean house i said i would well that three month now and i have never leave the house she turn me into her slave now i have my nails polish in pink my toe in red and ears done with ears rings i please my boss lady the way i lookand her female friends love me i have become they slave girl to-day one said you are going to be with a man we what you to be nice to him i said yes i will i be a good girl and do anything he ask for good girl and wend you get home you will be a women becuse he going to that your ass with this cock you only had dido up your ass now its time to feel a man cock and cum i was cthere all night i got home in the morning my boss said i hear you were very good i said did i make you proud yes you did now get intothe bath tub and then in to your nightiei come in after and give your pills to keep you like a girl i love my life as a girl sissy slave for hire

  15. tina said:

    i am waiting to b transformed into the sissy bitch whore i know i am…want to desperately find a Mistress to make me her sissy whore cumslut

  16. tina said:

    Looking to commit…submit to deepest sissy desires…makw me the True cumslut sissy bitch raging in my soul…burning in my tight wet waiting pussy

  17. sissygril said:

    I want to be turned into a sissygril I will oba ever command that is given to me I love it when a guy or a gril makes a guy cum all over my face and in my mouth

  18. sissygril said:

    Please fill my ass up with cum

  19. Zygis said:

    I am waiting to be transformed into the sissy bitch whore i know i am…want to desperately find a Mistress to make me her sissy whore cumslut. I am 23 still virgin, want to be she-male slut.

  20. sissygril said:

    I want to be pimpout like the sissy slut that I am I want to be used I want to speend the rest of my life sucking cock

  21. Loney said:

    I looking to have turn me into she male all the time and rent me out to

  22. kristy said:

    I won’t to be sissy slut I like sucking cock and sum one fucking me I like to have sex chanch

  23. Jonathan said:

    I like this site when I see the photos
    I wish I was one of the girls
    I dream and desire to become a shemale now so my desire come true

  24. rebecca_linn54 said:

    I want to find a women that willing and can ture me in to a hot wet sluty whore.

  25. rebecca_linn54 said:

    Please help me I have pictures of my self I also would like to have my own web pages

  26. gdm said:

    yes i became a sissy girl for a older male one day he ask me if i do one thing for him i told him yes any thing you want would you wear this he hand me a bag in there was a bra panties and a dress i ask him why he want me in that for i just want to see what you would look like i said yes but first i have to take my panties off and put this pair on as i pull my pants down he came up behind me and slap my ass i turn around and saw his zipper open i remove my shirt and went to pick up the bra he stop me and put me to my knees i now knew what he what i open my mouth and he shove his big hard cock in my mouth as i suck his cock he told me that my girl suck me off bitch because bitch you will become my sissy bitch well after a month my breasts grow out a bit one day i was look at them and he told me you look lovey just think soon you beg to be my full time sissy bitch well after five month i did just that i became his house bitch

  27. dennis said:

    one day a friend of mine ask me to help a older lady around her house she just brought I said yes I went over there she was outside when I pull up with my truck she ask if she could help me I told her I was here to help you well I do not think you can I am handy with thing look I need some one to clean my house wash floor dishes laundry well I done that but never wash women clothes before if you are willing and show me how I can do them she look at me and smile that when she told me I give you a try but you have to wear a apron I said yes miss if that what you want she show me around and found apron it was a old apron I put it on and she tie it up that when I look like I had tits I never said any thing I just went to work cleaning up I finish the kitchen and she show me the washer now you just put the white in first and when they done the darks and my bras and panties by hand I was at the laundry for awhile when she came back well I see you are doing a good job I think thing may work out she look at me I see you got the apron all wet that when she saw my tits and laugh I give you one of my mother apron she had sew a bra in some when she wear them around the house he would just wear apron and do house work that way no one would see her breasts well after awhile I finish the wash and it was dinner time I went and wash up and found a other apron I thought what she said so I just put it on and went to the kitchen when she saw me she smile now that better you look lovey I thank her and told her it feel nice I could get use to wear just then she came up behind me and wrap her arms around me and said how would you like to panties with that I said yes miss well one thing lead to other clothes soon I was dress as a girl and cleaning house this went on for a month then one night I found a note that read please be a dear and put on that knew nightie I brought you to day and come to my room I did as told this will be the first time I been in her room when I walk in she was in a pink robe she walk over and look at me what a lovey girly boy you are then she kiss me soon I was on the bed she play with my breasts it feel good and I told her then she pull down my nightie and suck my tits all I could said yes I feel like a little girl that just had her breasts suck for the first time she stop long to tell me you want to feel more like a girl I just said yes but how I will show you how but if I do you will be my little girly boy I told her yes she said yes what I be your girly boy and what will my girly boy wear i will women clothes that when she remove her robe and I saw a big hard cock ell after that night I became her girly bitch boy and now five years later we live together I as her house bitch girly boy

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