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May 19, 2007

Delia CDDelia is looking like a naughty sissy today.  Can you tell what she isn’t wearing in this outfit?  Let’s see, she has a sexy mesh pink top, a hot bra, a flowing cute white skirt and even long stripe stockings that flow up her whole body.  She has even got the huge stiletto heels that make her already long sexy legs look hotter.  She looks innocent enough, nothing seems to be missing.  Wait she just did a little twirl, looks like this hot cross dresser forgot her panties.  Very bad girl Delia, very bad!

However, that is what we love about this amateur girl.  She dares to come out of her shell and give you a hot fucking surprise.  I love these tranny sluts in fact I happen to be one of them.  How could you not want to slide your hands under that sissy skirt and feel that throbbing hard cock?  Shaved and smooth shaft that would be sweet in your mouth.  I can fantasize being with this dirtying girl, lucky for me I get to see her on the site, she has got some hot videos and images and even cam show sessions with chat and audio.

I recommend her site if you like amateur girls, she has got a sweet body and I stare at that cock of hers all night.

Delia CD
Hot Erotic Photos
Naughty Movies
Live Shows for Members
Voyeur cams and one-on-one shows too

Stay tuned, her sweet ass is coming out of her pantyhose on my next post with her, here is a tempting photo to get you thinking about being behind her, and I know I will.  Kisses!

Hot Sexy Nylon Legs

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May 17, 2007

Lesbian Amateur ShemalesZoe would like you to meet her Lesbian Tgirl girlfriend named Joanne.  This girl loves cock almost as much as Zoe and really loves the sweet taste of precum as it falls to her lips as she is trapped between Zoe’s legs.  Even better then that she wants to feel that hard cock pushed deep inside her sexy ass.  White silky pantyhose, pink top and garters only get Zoe hornier and harder.  She loves the taste of lesbian transsexuals and will fuck her friend all night.

Joanne loves being her sissy cum slut and the feeling of her hard shaft deep inside her makes her so hard.  She loves to play with those big breasts while Zoe goes in and out of her sissy pussy.  What could be better then two fucking lesbian amateur tranny girls?  The action is so fucking raw and dirty, the clothes are really hot and the girl’s cocks are hard and ready to splash warm cum all over the place.

Come and check both of these dirty nympho girls at ZOEFUCK PUPPET:

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There is some hot content between these to feminized sluts, Zoe is already cuming up behind her for some play. 

Cuming up from Behind

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May 16, 2007

Amateur Zoe

Well this is my first post of Zoe Fuck Puppet and she is just like her website promises. A fucking tgirl slut with a very horny fetish. Thick red lipstick smeared on those luscious fat lips, heavy make up eyes and long lashes and a desire for a hard cock that craves more and more as the night goes on. Make her wait to long and she will just have to play with her on cock. Got to love that fucking outfit as well. Fur coat covering a black little dress, long pantyhose and a pair of white panties that can barely hold all of her cock.

This girl loves to fuck and suck her naughty lesbian friends. Nothing turns her on more then seeing another girl with a hard bulge in her panties. Staring at her with cum hungry eyes and waiting to taste each other’s sissy lips. Stroking each other’s dick and going down on each other. Sliding her hands all along the sheer softness of some sexy pantyhose or a pair of leather boots. If you are looking for a true cumslut then Zoe is one of the fucking best you will ever see.

Check out her site if you love nasty Amateur tgirls.

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Hot Sexy Yummy Photos
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Definitely a great amateur site and this girl loves to fuck, and screwing with other amateur lesbian tgirls is just way to hot. Come in and see Zoe Fuck Puppet!

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May 15, 2007

Victoria HolynsVictoria Holyns is so hot. How could you not want to see this tgirl prowling up to you on the bed?  Hot fishnet pantyhose and heels and nothing else.  Just a pair of huge tits and a huge shecock falling between those thick sexy legs.  Her name is Victoria Holyns and when it comes to Amateur shemales she takes one of the top prizes.  This girl makes me so very jealous, long blonde hair, sexy pink lips for sucking cock, dark piercing eyes that are focused on the bulge in your panties and a killer set of legs that flow up to a perfect ass and yummy cock inside a naughty thong.

She is a transsexual escort and model and she loves to have fun in front of the camera and videos.  She has a personal touch to her website which is pretty cool.  Lucky for us she likes to be fucked and she likes to fuck herself.  I love the girls that like to go both ways.  Victoria Holyns loves her cock and she isn’t afraid to use it.  She expects to have it in a tight ass or in your mouth and that fantasy I love to dream about all night.  Who knows one day I might get a piece of her action, for now I am happy to see her cock shoved deep in a warm mouth and how a true shemale can blow her cum load.

Drop by her site called VICTORIA HOLYNS.  I love this photo, imagine those glistening lipstick lips wrapping around your cock.  She has some heavy makeup in this photo, she looks so slutty, and I love it!  Have Fun!

Love that Make Up

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May 14, 2007

Beautiful BodyI like to introduce you to Nikki TS.  She is an amateur ladyboy and she is fucking hot.  She wears some of sexiest fetish lingerie I have ever seen.  She just loves hot little panties, tight tops and of course fishnet stockings.  She is no stranger to having a hard cock deep inside her sweet Asian ass or dripping with precum as it falls out of her hot mouth.  Nikki TS is a very hot slut; she will even set up appointments with her members to fuck them and will even post the action on her site if the member agrees.

I love her hair and that creamy brown body I could just lick all fucking night.  Not to mention those sweet tits, I have to admit being a slutty girl myself I am very jealous of those hard nipples and hand grabbing breasts.  Lucky for me she loves the lesbian tgirls just as much as the guys.  She is just one of those cock sucking girls that can never get enough.

In fact she has been going down to Brazil lately to have a go at some of the hot transsexual girls in this naughty Country.  Brazilian Shemales are crazy beautiful and they have some of the hardest and biggest cocks.  Nikki samples a lot of these girls in some of her new galleries and movies in her site.  Drop by and take a look see.

Hardcore movies – cumshots, bareback, blowjobs, lesbians
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Live Cam Sessions with Nikki
She even gives you a pair of used panties with 3 month members

I just love that Asian Ass she has, with those thigh high stockings and dark skin she looks sooo sexy!

I really want that Ass!

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May 13, 2007

Delia loves to open those legsI couldn’t have a cross-dressing sissy site without Delia.  This sexy tgirl is one of my favorite girls. I love that heart top with the slutty panties and this girl always has such a hot bulge inside them.  I start to drool just looking at it and would love to be on my knees as it got closer to my anticipating mouth.  I love her legs too, I am so jealous, well my legs are pretty hot too, hers are a little longer though and the way they flow up to that hot ass always gets me hard.

Big hard cock loves to fall between those legs as well.  It is a great personal site and I wish there were a lot more like it on the Internet.  Just a girl that has a fetish for getting off inside her panties, playing with her nylons and cumming all over herself just for your entertainment and I am sure for hers as well.  She loves to stroke that throbbing cock there is no doubt about that.  She has a sexy wardrobe that I could just lose myself in, sheer panties, stockings and fishnets of all sorts and lots of other good girl and bad girl slut outfits.

If you want to see more of Delia in her Thigh Highs then check out her site.

Lots of amazing photos
Incredible Videos of her sweet ass and cock
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Updated Frequently
Even one on one shows
Voyeur cams and more

I really like her and hope that you think she is pretty sexy, tell me what you think of this naughty girl.  Bye!

Delia Long Slender Killer Legs

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