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March 2, 2010

sissy boyfriend

My Sissy Boyfriend is a hot new site I just found on the net and if you enjoy the idea of dressing up for your girlfriend like the dirty girl you have always wanted to be then I think you will fit right into this world. I haven’t joined yet mostly because I am a little low on cash but plan to by end of the month. For those of you that do join please come back and leave a comment, I would love to hear more about it. The movie and image previews are amazing and both the girl and the sissy really seem to be enjoying this sexual action!


sissy girlfriend

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  1. ed said:

    I want to be sissified so bad. I dress in sexy lingerie everyday. I need a woman who will train me to be a sissy whore.Please can someone help me to be this cock slut for men and women

  2. ed said:

    I need to be sissified so badly. My inner female is taking over.Need someone to train me to dress and how to be a good slut.My body is aching to be dressed and getting used by a man as my female trainner looks on

  3. Anonymous said:

    I told my wife about my tranny days that took place years ago. She immediately started treating me like a female partner in bed and wants to dominate me. I get really turned on by it all, so does she. However we both feel kind of embarrassed afterwards and deny wanting to carry it through any further. But everytime we make love she tells me how much she wants to fuck me. She sucks my nipples and massages my man boobs. She doesnt fuck me, but she touches between my legs and wanks me until we come.

  4. bitchboy said:

    I love to dress up in a pair of t-back panties stockings and a sexy bra with water balloons for tits a cute see through dress one that shows my ass when I bend over. I love to pull my hair back in a pony tail put on masscara eye liner and bright red lipstick. I wear very high heal come fuck me shoes that lace up around my ankles. I love to have my GF warm me up by getting me all drunk then smoke some shit with me until I am so high and uninhibited. I then suck her dildo for a warm up as well as take it up my ass so as to be loose for when she ties me up and goes out to find a couple of big dicked horny drunk studs to bring back to our place for more booze and big fat lines while watching porno with her after they are good and hard and hornier than anything she tells them she has a homely looking friend who is an ass virgin and loves to suck on big hard cocks. She explains that her friend is too embarrassed to be seen in the light so they agree to force her to suck their big dicks and then let them fuck my virgin ass. After they agree she dims the lights and begins to suck them off getting them harder and hornier than before. slowly I move into position and she hand feeds their fat cocks into my ever eager willing mouth so I suck them deep into my throat and they comment on what an excellent cock sucker I am and that they can’t wait to break in my tight virgin asshole. I just moan and suck even harder. My wife tells them I like to be slapped and spanked HARD SO THEY START TO SLAP THE CRAP OUT OF MY FACE AND THEN REALLY WHIP MY ASS UNTIL IT IS RED AND STINGING WITH PAIN. I begin to whimper and writhe around while they abuse me making me ever hotter and hornier just then one of the men begins to moan and threaten me with a real possibility of fucking cumming hard in my mouth. I moan and my wife tells him to fuck my mouth and shoot his hot thick sticky big load right into my willing mouth. This gets me so fucking hot so I suck on it even harder and he forces his big bulging dick far down my willing throat. then feel him starting to spasm until he shoots one of the biggest gooey cum loads right in my mouth I suck it harder and let him unload all of his juicy load in my mouth and down my throat. I begin to swallow his sticky spunk load down my throat enjoying it all the way down. he slaps me across the face and disappointed he tells me I had better suck his cock until it is long and hard again so he can fuck my tight virgin ass after his buddy fills my ass with his big hot load. His friend moves around to my rear where he grabs my ass and spanks me even harder than before all the while my wife is telling them not to stop I really get off on the abuse. He guides his rock hard cock right up into my willing asshole I only groan for a moment before he is pumping in and out of my asshole like it had been used many times before. his friend on the front end continues to slap the shit out of me demanding that I suck his cock until it is rock hard again I do my very best and accomplish this with his encouragement and hard slaps of my face and pinching of my nipples. It isn’t long before his backdoor buddy is grabbing my ass so hard and filling my tight ass with his huge load of jizz. then he stands back and offers the position to his friend who with out skipping a beat rams his hard cock right up my cum filled ass which makes it even slipperier than before allowing him to fuck me harder and faster than his friend they both begin to talk trash on me for being such a horny cock sucking ass whore and I am loving every minute of it. After they have both exhausted all the cum loads that they can muster my wife politely asks them to leave. they are gone like the wind then my wife cleans me up a little and ties me down while she heads out for two more hard cocks and willing rapists to come back and fuck me like the whore that I am. I usually don’t walk right for a few days and my wife teases me that I like to get fucked to the point of exhaustion and bliss. Are any of you guys out there got the right stuff to fuck me like the bitch boy whore that I am?

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